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A Matter of Us

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A Matter of Us

Thru podcasts, online classes, and personal consultation we provide a unique opportunity for artists and other industry professionals to gather the tools and education needed to master the business of music. 

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Dawn Wisner-Johnson

Dawn's journey in music began at Azusa Pacific University as a music major. She became a full-time touring/recording artist with the band, Crumbacher, in the mid 80s, releasing 4 studio albums. Her next band, Almost Ugly, played every dive in LA, from the Doll House to the Troubadour, looking for a recording contract. They garnered a few song placements in television, giving Dawn her first experience in the sync world.  

By the 2000’s Dawn was working at ABC television. She helped spearhead the expansion of their in-house instrumental music library to include songs, utilizing her deep network within the LA/Nashville music scenes. The library quickly added top songwriters and received several Emmy nominations.  Dawn eventually began music supervising for editors of shows, helping them utilize the catalogue to its fullest. 


She currently works as a Publishing Administrator for one of the top songwriters in the world and is an in-demand guest lecturer. Dawn brings artistry, creativity, and experience to the table and has a love of networking. 



Helping Artists Master the Business of Music

Dawn and Beth balance dreams with pragmatism, inspiration with practicality. 

Above all, they are advocates for musicians, tirelessly supporting the rights of artists to

self-determine how they earn a living with their art. 


Beth Wisner-Jahnsen

Beth wandered into the music industry when she began touring with her brother and sister’s band as a roadie and monitor mixer, eventually filling in on vocals when Dawn had her first child. Her path led her to the Dick Grove School of Music where she studied the business side of the industry as well as Recording Engineering, which led her to the life of a studio rat. She loves to read contracts and anything having to do with copyright and the law, enjoying a good Congressional Hearing on CSPAN way more than anyone should. 


Beth's work with Take 2 Productions has included executive producer, video production, band management, publishing administration, contract negotiation, consulting.  She brings a rational approach to a creative industry, always asking the tough questions. 

Beth Cornerstone
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Miles Jahnsen

Miles has been with us from the very beginning.  He had previously worked with Dawn on the non-profit Dreamlink, editing their online videos and promotions. He helped brainstorm what A Matter Of Music would be, from naming it, to helping decide how we would structure the podcasts, classes and more.  He handles the website, graphics, research, and is the editor/producer for our podcasts. He also moderates our Discord channel.

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Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley's company Hubris Entertainment assists Canadian artists in securing grant funding. They offer educational products for music publishing, applying for grants and working with corporate entities. Ryan offers a built-to-suit consulting service which combines modern practices in marketing, tech, publishing, grants, and more to both musicians and music related businesses.  A Matter Of Music is pleased to have Ryan join us in partnering with Dawn for our Sync Agency, and the popular Lunch & Listen events.    

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