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 Dawn and Beth's collective knowledge, gathered  thru decades of experience within the music industry is instrumental in bringing strategies, solutions and advice for the needs of artists and songwriters.


Whether you are a new artist wanting to understand how the business works, a tenured artist trying to keep up with the fast changing world of new digital platforms, or someone wanting to work as a manager, producer, or music supervisor, their courses will help guide you towards success. 


I've always been struck by the depth of knowledge and just pure kindness and willingness to help that emanates from both Dawn and Beth. 


Their years of experience in the music industry is invaluable and the knowledge that they can offer someone who might be newer to it is simply priceless...and it doesn't hurt that they are amazing human beings as well.




I was able to attend their zoom session where they talked about mechanical and performance royalties.  


Just in one hour they were able to pinpoint all the logistics and all the legal information and provide what musicians actually need nowadays.


   -Christina S. 

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