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What the
 Needs to Know
Gain a complete understanding of
how your music business works.

Learn how to:

  • Self-publish

  • License your work

  • Collect all of your royalties

  • Market and promote yourself

in the New Digital Music Business

5 week course

(Class size limited to 8 to

assure that each student

recieves personal attention)


Join Dawn and Beth as they walk you through

What the DIY ARTIST needs to know.

They will share all of their collective knowledge, gathered 

thru decades of experience within the music industry.


As new technologies emerge, the DIY artist must adjust

quickly to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape and

learn how and where to focus their attention and energy. 


You will leave this course with a complete understanding of how the new music business works, prepared to take full advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves. You'll know how each type of license works,  and have a detailed plan of how to collect all of your royalties. 


I was able to attend their zoom session where they talked about mechanical and performance royalties.  Just in one hour they were able to pinpoint all the logistics and all the legal information and provide what musicians actually need nowadays.  

           Christina S.


Add an hour of personal consultation with:

Dawn & Beth for $75 (25% off) 

or Dawn for $40 (20% off)

to help further your goals and get your music on point.

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