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Everything you want to know about securing Sync placements

Opportunities In Sync

Differences in music style for each type of placement.

How Supe's need music delivered for each kind of sync opportunity. 

Timelines of each type of placement. 

1. Television              

2. Film (Major/Indie)              

3. Promos      

4. Trailers

5. Apps                       

6. Commercials/Ads              

7. Games

Avenues To Get Your Music Placed

Sync Agents

Production Music Libraries


Getting Your Music Ready For Sync


Documents (Contracts and forms needed)

Formats and Version


Strategies and Music Styles for getting placements

Send Us A Song/Instrumental for Review

At the end of the first session you can send us a track/song for review. 

The following week in class (or privately by email if you prefer) we will give notes on production, style, lyrics, instrumentation , etc pertaining to sync. 

What Does A Music Supervisor Do?

A detailed overview of the Music Supervisors job

Facts About Music supervisors

Knowing “who” they are will help you understand how to approach them with confidence.

Researching Television/Film Productions

Websites, email lists, who follow, trades, IMDB Pro

Researching Music Supervisors, Sync Agents, and Music Libraries

Finding preferred music style and current projects in production and pre-production.

Song Review

We will go over student submitted tracks and discuss how they fit into sync opportunities. We will offer detailed suggestions for production, song structure, lyrics, etc. 

Getting Prepared Before You Get A Placement

Contracts: Terms to Know

Understanding the Sync License

Understanding a Master Use License

Front End/Back End

Split Sheets and Musician Releases

Cue Sheets

Publishing and Copyright


Copyright/Registration, Metadata

The Process: From Request to Signature

First contact: Request of Use

Second contact: Confirmation of Use

Third contact: A License to Sign

Fourth contact: Payment and Cue Sheet 

Send Us 2 Tracks of Your Choice for Sync Review

Review will be in week 4 of course

Song Review for Sync Placements

Review of songs/instrumentals submitted by students

We'll break down examples of Songs/Instrumentals for each type of placement:

 • Background  • Featured. • Montage

Follow the Leader

An examination of Songs, Creators, and Bands who have had success in sync 

Song Examples

You Got The Placement!

Congratulations, but no, you’re not done yet!

How to make the most of this opportunity.

Marketing and Promoting your music using your placement.

Q & A of student questions.

Black Water
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