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A Matter of Sync

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A Matter Of Sync
Representing high quality music from emerging, independent artists

One Stop Shop

Our music is ready to go

100% Master/100% Publishing pre-cleared


Licensing Opportunities

 We secure licensing in television, documentaries, film, network promos, commercials, and games


Current, Working, Emerging Artists

Our clients are working hard every day on their craft.  We are excited to partner with emerging artists, producers, and songwriters who have made music their number one priority. They are passionate and ready to join the world of Sync


Dawn Wisner-Johnson
Beth Wisner-Jahnsen

Decades Of Experience

Founding partners, Dawn and Beth (sisters) bring 

a wealth of knowledge about Sync Licensing and more. They've worked in multiple "arms" of the Music and Television industry, from being artists themselves, to Production Music Libraries, Management, Publishing Admin/Clearance.


Helping Artists

Dawn and Beth bring their collective passion and experience to help Artists with placing music.  They review music for sync in their popular, weekly live zoom event , Lunch & Listen. L&L is a curating ground for new, up-and-coming music

Helping Music Supervisors

Dawn and Beth research all contracts/documents for every track in the catalog, to be sure they provide clean, pre-cleared, one-stop tracks for seamless, immediate service



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